Healing with Homa Therapy

Rakhi Uday Sawant
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

I am a beautician by profession. I was introduced to Agnihotra by Mrs. Rajeshwari and Shri. Satish Nilajkar in 2013. Initially I was not so regular, but after joining the Sunday Group Chanting and Agnihotra Activity in Belgaum, I started developing more interest. The lockdowns due to the pandemic gave me a God-gifted opportunity to practice Agnihotra very regularly. Since then, I have been experiencing many visible benefits in my life and I am happy to share them with all.

Firstly, I see a distinct change in my thinking pattern, which has helped me develop patience and avoid reactive behavior.

This has enabled me have clarity of thoughts and take quality decisions. Things I desired have started falling in place with a lot of ease, as if the cosmos is listening to my silent wishes! At the same time, my own capacity to accept people and things around me has improved remarkably.

I had always wished that my family members also should participate in Agnihotra, without much pressure or force from my side, which I see now happening. I see a change in the approach of my spouse towards Agnihotra and he is voluntarily participating in whatever I do and also keeps me encouraged. Basically, the atmosphere at home has become  stress-free and enlivening.

People at home have become expressive. My friends also now share their personal matters with me, without any hesitation!

The chirping of the birds has increased around my apartment and also I see lots of squirrels dancing up and down the trees.

I also experience a kind of abundance at home. I don’t feel shortage of anything at any time. It is a kind of a situation where I ask for one and I get two! My husband’s business has significantly grown in last few years.

Though I had almost decided to take time off from my profession, I still have good and worthy clients. I now don’t work for economic gains alone. I feel now that there is a different satisfaction in attending the clients and fulfilling their needs.

My personal habits and lifestyle have changed. I have given up soft drinks, which I used to drink regularly. I now have a more balanced mind-set and the craving for various things in life has drastically reduced. And now I tend to think more about what and how I can contribute in return.

I was told by Mrs. Roopa Lokur that Agnihotra ash can be used as medicine. She had given me Agnihotra ash mixed with ghee when I had some burns and on applying it I could realize the healing effects of Agnihotra ash. Now the burn marks no longer exist.

I decided to use the Agnihotra ash extensively in our daily routine:
– I mix Agnihotra ash with our drinking water.
– I have also tried mixing it with hair shampoo and found miraculous results by way of reduction in hair loss.
– I also used to have irritation due to cough and cold; that too is now largely reduced.
– I apply the Agnihotra ash mixed with water to my skin & now I find the skin is smooth and more glowing than before!
– I also used to have intermittent headache (like migraine) and I used to take medicine like aspirin, but ever since I have started consuming water mixed with Agnihotra ash, my recurring headache problem has vanished.

I feel blessed to experience the positivity and am grateful to the Almighty for having introduced me to the Fivefold Path! More importantly I have started enjoying my own company and I am able to give a lot of time to myself. I wish to help more and more people walk the Fivefold Path and experience the divinity within!

To summarize I can say just by hearing that sugar is sweet one can’t taste the sweetness. Similarly, just by knowing or reading about Agnihotra one can’t experience the benefits. To lead a harmonious and peaceful life, one has to practice Agnihotra regularly!
Stay blessed. Om Shree Om.

Jann Lindow
Fairfield, Iowa, North America
Problem : Persistent Plantar Wart-Overnight Solution

John Freeberg, with cows purchased for Agnihotra cowdung supply. The cows receive Agnihotra ash.


John Freeberg, a longtime friend, had suffered from a plantar wart on the ball of his foot. For nearly a year, when he first walked in the morning, he experienced a piercing pain caused by this wart. In addition, the skin in which the wart was imbedded had become thick and stiff. He then heard of the value of Agnihotra ash for relief of skin conditions.

He made a salve of ash and ghee, putting a dab on the wart before bed and covering with a band aid.

When John walked the next morning, the pain that he had experienced for the many months was completely gone. He continued with the salve for several more days to find that the skin in the area of the wart had become pliable.

John has used Agnihotra ash in the garden for several years. He soaks seeds in ash water and sprinkles ash on the soil. He has found the relationships of the animals on the farmstead has become noticeably more harmonious. His experience with his wart condition has opened for him a new way to employ Agnihotra ash for the improvement of life. He talks about getting cows and making dung cakes for his practice of the Homa fires.