From The Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Jordanow, Poland

December 2, 2018 On Illumination by the Graces
Yes, yes. Indeed, the signs are everywhere. The planet is headed for, at least, a state of chaos, at most, a state of destruction. Weather variances are wide, frequencies disturbed, energetic portals opening—all indicators of an EXTREME STATE OF EMERGENCY.

The dark energetic forces unleashed in the universe are on the rise. However, we must explain in detail that those of you whose Light has been kindled, whose souls have been awakened, shall indeed rise and be duly strengthened and illuminated by the GRACES, which are as well on the rise.

Those of you who are focused on the Light Work, which has been revealed to you, will be receiving a great boost of energy, as the planet again undergoes a growth spurt, beginning 23rd December 2018.

Yes, be aware of the opposing forces; learn how to protect your earthly bodies from the negative energetic thrusts that come in time.

Places selected for Light shall receive showers of love, strength and clarity. Protection is and will continue to be supported and blessed by the Grace as it unfolds on the Earth.

December 4, 2018 On Creating a Sustainable Future
All of you must not give into fear. If you immerse yourself in the daily news, headlines that are made to create chaos and panic amongst the population…. This is the selected mode of control being foisted upon you by the media.

We have long advised to UNPLUG or, at least, utilize Internet to share your voices, to educate and inform others about viable alternatives and ways to create healthy and sustainable lifestyles, which then create a sustainable future for all of humanity.

When you steep yourself in today’s news, you only weaken the fiber of your being. Be informed, yes, but then learn to create and live in the solutions and resolutions to inspire change in the world.

Speak out for equality.
Speak out for creating safe environments for your children.
Rally in support of NON-VIOLENCE, equal rights for all human beings.

Create farms and communities where you can cultivate land organically and grow food without pesticides, and supply many families with a reliable source of nutrition.

Learn the ‘secrets of the soil,’ the ancient healing fires used to cleanse and purify the atmosphere and live in that rarified atmosphere, providing sustenance for all human beings.

On Rebuilding your Inner Core
Take time to build and rebuild your inner core. Learn to trust your inner voice, your spiritual compass that will lead you home.

There is much to be said for UNITY, for compassion, not pity, for love and forgiveness, and for deep abiding GRATITUDE.

May you walk in Light and in JOY.

Remember, you cannot be BRAVE and fearful at the same time.
You must always choose.

Blessings abound.
We are, ORION

December 22, 2018 On Visualizing and Emanating LIGHT
Yes, yes. This season, despite one’s challenges and one’s environmental concerns, one is called to be the harbinger of hope and the purveyor of profound JOY. It is this calling, which is of utmost importance in the midst of chaos and strife, personal and world issues.

Embrace the JOY, wherever you can, whenever you can. It is essential in raising the consciousness of the planet at this time. It is also necessary in your own lives, to embrace JOY, to overcome and rise above your own physical and emotional limitations in life, to embrace your spirit which knows no limitation.

No matter what dilemmas you are facing, dearest ones, you can rise above them with Grace at this time. At your fingertips are powerful avenues for deep and abiding healing. Joy is the key to accessing those avenues.

We see the planet evolving, though tried and tested by those who would seek to destroy it. We visualize a world of the future, where human beings work in tandem with beloved Mother Nature, abiding by her dictates, championing her calls.

We see your bodies as radiating health, emanating Light into the darkest night. We continue to envision that which is holy, that which is hopeful, that which is summoned by and supported by Grace.

And it will be. It will be.

Blessings abound.
We are,

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