From the Orion Transmissions

received by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg
Wysoka, Poland

June 13, 2016 On Carrying the Spark of Light

Yes, yes. In the world there are senseless crimes against humanity, but not only humanity—also, senseless injustice toward the animal kingdom, and the beleaguered environment. There can be no more cries from the hungry, those in pain, those alone and suffering, in every corner of this tumultuous, troubled world.

Those of you who have seen and experienced Light, Truth and Love that surpass understanding, can and must carry that spark of Light to all human beings, high and low, around the globe.

Cease the fretting and unnecessary woes, curb your worrying tendencies and strengthen yourselves in unity. Move as one force through the darkness that surrounds this world.

Chant. Pray. Sing. Write.

If you think you can isolate and achieve this purpose, you will find yourselves feeling something is amiss.

It is not time for isolation, nor time to insulate yourselves, even within your tribes or even within your family units. It is time to make full use of all your creative gifts to spread the Light.

Many will speak words of inspiration, which will awaken others through the power of the word of TRUTH.

Others will inspire and awaken via the majestic power of MUSIC.

Still others, with ART.

There are many avenues, like streets paved with gold, all of which lead Home.

Choose your path wisely. Hold true to those tenets you learned along the way. Speak out.

Dance. Sing. Paint. Build. Create.

Blessings abound.

Build and fortify your faith.

Walk in Light.


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