Croton Flowers Bloom

Dr. Mario Chavez
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
“I come from a scientific line and when I came to know Homa Therapy I told myself, “I am going to experiment with this,” and did judiciously daily Agnihotra to see what changes occurred in nature. We had two flowerpots in which we had crotons, of which we had never seen the flowers, although we had them for several years.

“A few months after practicing every day Agnihotra, suddenly these two crotons began to blossom and flourish and also to grow. One could see their joy, their amusement, the explosion of their life. The flower is the spiritual part of the plant. The flowers were so beautiful and delighted us for many months.

“We found this experience wonderful and we realized immediately the effect Homa Therapy has on the atmosphere and on the surroundings.”