Plant Reproduction

Some fruits begin to increase their reproductive cycle if Agnihotra is performed in proximity to where they are grown. A plant’s strength depends upon the nutrition of the soil and atmosphere that surrounds it. Science perhaps does not lay so much stress on atmosphere but it is one of the biggest factors due to the oxygen recycling system. Also if the atmosphere is filled with nutrients the plant becomes especially happy when this is done by HOMA process. This helps increase the number of seeds, the number of fertile or potentially fertile seeds germinated. Also the period of germination is helped and the quality of pollen produced is improved. The whole reproductive cycle of the plant is benefited by HOMA atmosphere.

The whole ecological system is changing. The reproductive cycle of plants is changing. This affects the bees and therefore their ability to perform their role of pollination is inhibited. This adversely affects the ability of plants, especially certain vegetables, to yield and propagate.