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Homa Quinces Found Superior

Cecilia and Francisco Fernandez Elqui Valley, Cochiguaz “Here, we have a fall harvest. I made a rich jam. On the left side of the photo are quinces grown without Homa. They are from elsewhere. On the right side are our organic Homa quinces. Om Shree from Cochiguaz!”

Croton Flowers Bloom

Dr. Mario Chavez West Palm Beach, Florida, USA “I come from a scientific line and when I came to know Homa Therapy I told myself, “I am going to experiment with this,” and did judiciously daily Agnihotra to see what changes occurred in nature. We had two flowerpots in which …

Healing Through Pranayams

Narishodhan Pranayam Channeling of one’s mind and thoughts is one of the most important benefits of Pranayam. We know that thoughts are never steady and they travel faster than light. Pranayam is an easy method to control one’s mind. Daily practice of pranayam awakens one’s kundalini as well as chakras, …